Jewish Young Profesionals 20’s - 30’s Only
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When we started JYP 20's-30's inly one year ago, we dedicated our efforts to a single mission: to build and promote a globally accesible community in which Jewish Young Professionals in thier 20's-30's, interested in networking or in meeting and marrying within the faith comfortably find romance and friendship.

Today JYP 20's-30's is a leader in bringing Jewish Young Professionals in South Florida together, yet our mission remains unchanged.

You can join us in our efforts to strengthen our community


  • If you have a web site, become a affiliate and share in our success as well as our mission.
  • Tell your single Jewish friends and colleagues about
  • If you're a Jewish Single, register and to be a member of for free.

Together we can make a difference, insuring our precious traditions are carried on for many generations to come.

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