Jewish Young Profesionals 20’s - 30’s Only
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Event Pics 2010


January 9th 2010 JYP2030 2010 at Opium

January 30, 2010 Exit66 My BIG 33

Feb 20,2010 JYP2030 New York Comedy Club Event

April 17,2010 JYP2030 MI-VI Event at Golfstream

May 22, 2010 JYP2030 Back to the basic @ Exit66

May 27, 2010 JYP2030 Improv Comedy Night

June 5,2010 Mi-Vi Gulfstream

June 10, 2010 Astrology For Love Event

June 26, 2010 JYP2030 End Of Month Event at Passions

July 17,2010 JYP2030@Americas Backyard Green Room

July 24th, 2010 JYP2030 Boca Comedy Night

July 31st 2010 JYP2030 End of month Opium Event

August 28, 2010 JYP2030 End Of the Month Bash at Pangaea

November 6,2010 JYP2030 Nov Bash @ Pangaea

November 20,2010 JYP2030 New York Comedhy Club Event

December 4,2010 JYP2030 Chanuka event and Toy Drive at Passions

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